Chris Brown
After coming home from a long weekend in Vegas, to Chris Brown’s surprise, he found a naked woman in his home with a trail of roses and “Mrs. Brown” spray-painted EVERYWHERE (cars, kitchen, etc.) With that being said, Breezy must have realized his security game was not on fleek what-so-ever. However, he now plans to turn his home into a semi-prison with no possible way to break into his Agoura Hills home. Apparently when Ayeb broke into his mansion, his old security system wasn’t even on (oh he is WHYLEN!) However, he has now installed a top-notch security system that should keep the crazy stalkers out of his home.

As for Ayeb, Breezy doesn’t want to press charges because he feels that prison will do nothing for the young lady. In fact, he just wants her to get help for whatever issues she’s dealing with.

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Source: TMZ