Ru Paul Checks if Amber Rose’s butt is real on live tv. We all wonder, but no one really knows. We all want to ask but we don’t dare, just leave it to Ru Paul. Not too long ago Amber tried to break the internet posing on a balcony in a string for a bathing suit shaking up the social media world. This generation people automatically assume that models and dancers have artificial butts and breasts these days. Ru paul had to find out for her self . See video snippet of the magic moment when there’s no where to run when it comes to the infamous Ru Paul.

The drag queen legend Ru Paul checks if Amber Rose’s Butt is real in front of millions on an episode of E’s “Good Work”. She sat down with Amber asking all types of personal questions from her 36H breast size to her behind. A lot of people had trouble believing the 36 H breast were real due to Amber’s slim body. They are in fact 100 % all hers. Her breast are so real that she is annoyed by the large breast and has been contemplating getting a breast reduction. Now a days so many females are out trying to get breast implants , not knowing the real struggle that big breasted females have to go through.

It was confirmed as well that her butt is real after all. It was hilarious to see Ru Paul check if Amber Rose’s butt is real .After a jiggle , a shake and a nice firm grab , it was obvious it was all real. Now that that’s out the way the haters can’t stop wondering . Although some people always said it was real because of some leaked beach photos that showed a tad bit of cellulite. Proving to be more than natural.

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