IFWT_verizon buys aol
Verizon Buys AOL; This is big and puts Verizon in a top tech position as AOL owns a whole lot of digital properties!!! This buy come’s out to about $50 which is actually a great deal for Verizon!!!

Tat Wza

Verizon Buys AOL:

AOL owns many of your favorite website which will give Verizon a network bigger than most(For me it’s properties like Engadget, Tech Crunch, Huff Post & more in the gallery)! AOL also is big in the mobile ad business that focuses on video which is a huge wave for advertising dollars, which only Google and Facebook can rival.

Verizon is reported looking to make deals and provide a platform for new content, which means they will be making deals to get new TV shows/feature films to get more ad dollars which is set up to hit at least 15 Million mobile devices(bigger audience than any known popular TV network), which is a great opportunity for all you star thirsty individuals looking to make something of yourself.

Yes this is another big company becoming bigger but at least there is something good to come out of it…Opportunity