Mayweather was so heated after finding out that Manny Pacquiao blamed his poor performance against Mayweather on a bum shoulder he suffered in practice, that Mayweather vowed to never give Pacquiao a rematch! Well, it looks like behind the scenes, we may actually get a Mayweather-Pacman 2, as it’s being reported that negations are under way for a rematch.


The match titled, ‘the fight of century,’ ended up being a snore fest but raked in some HUGE Figures.

We know Pacquiao is desperate for a rematch after not fighting at 100%, and Mayweather loves money so much, why wouldn’t he try and double up?

Richard Johnson, of the New York Post reported:

“It’s already being negotiated,” a source told me. Pacquiao needs four months of rehab post-surgery, and three months to train. “The fight will be the first event at the under-construction MGM–AEG Arena set to open next year.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!