Eric B & Rakim accused of stealing music, say it ain’t so. When you hear of Eric B and Rakim, you are really hearing ‘rap gods of this hip-hop s**t’, which is why it’s hard to believe that they have been accused of copyright infringement.

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In lawsuit papers obtained by TheJasmineBrand, Syl Johnson, a blues and soul singer claims that in 1968 he sang and produced the track “I Feel An Urge“, which he has the copyrights to. However, in 1992, Eric B and Rakim illegally sampling the piece for “Juice (Know The Ledge)“.

Syl, who happens to be the father to R&B Diva Syleena Johnson, says that Eric B and Rakim have not only made boat loads of money off of using the sample, but they have also allowed other rap artists – Ghostface Killah – to use it, as well as licensed the song out for ‘video games, TV programs, internet commercials and digital releases etc.’

Sly is demanding accounting for all profits for the rap duo’s royalties from their infringing song and wants damages for their copyright violations.

Have a listen and tell me if the beats match.

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