Monday, news broke that George Zimmerman was shot at in Lake Mary, Fla., and the bullet had just missed him by inches. The shooter, Matthew Apperson had claimed that it was all out of self-defense. At the time, Zimmerman had refused to speak with police without his attorney, but he has since got the chance to give his statement.

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Zimmerman has given more details into what went on the day de dodged death, but with the investigation still underway, police declines the release of his statement. The Lake Mary Police Department encourages any witnesses who saw that shooting to give them a call at at (407) 585-1323.

Due to the shooting, the former neighborhood watchman has decided that he plans on leaving Florida, because he is afraid for his life. Apparently, he was “badly shaken” over the incident and wants to get out of dodge. Zimmerman tells close friends and family that, “It just wasn’t my time to go” and that “he feels lucky to be alive. God was watching over him.” Friends add that he is “constantly looking over his shoulder fearful that someone will try to attack him.”

Surely, he can now relate to Trayvon Martin the way he stalked and attacked him. I think it’s safe to say that no matter where ever he decides to relocate to, someone is going to want his head on a stick. Just got into a hole why don’t you.