This is either a story of a former NFL player just trolling, looking for attention, or one of those things where you don’t realize how serious someone was until later on. Ryan Mouton, who currently plays in the CFL, used to be on the Tennessee Titans and during a game against the Patriots, he helped tackle Aaron Hernandez and his helmet came off. What happens next is up for debate.


When Mouton hits Hernandez, he falls down and his helmet comes off. During the video of the play, you can clearly hear Mouton say “I’ma fuck you up all day, bitch.” You can see Hernandez reply with something but it’s not audible.

Mouton claims Hernandez said ‘I’ll Kill You” but obviously at the time just chalked it up to talking trash. Mouton goes on to say if he only knew how serious Hernandez could have been. Sounds like he is just out for laughs.

Check out the play in the video and the picture in the gallery!