When JR Smith & Iman Shumpert were with the Knicks earlier this season, it seemed like every story you heard about them was negative or when their names came up it was because of a possible trade. The media and fans in the big apple really did their best to make these players feel uncomfortable and unwanted, despite the many fans now who are lying through their teeth about supporting them. Even Phil Jackson didn’t think much of them, trading them to Cleveland for virtually nothing. Well sometimes things are a blessing in disguise and leaving one of the worst teams in the league for one of the best was definitely a come up.


The Cavs finished off the Bulls last night 94-73, taking the best of seven series and moving on to face the winner of the Hawks vs Wizards series. What happened to the Bulls last night is a whole other story but right now this is about JR & Shump.

After the series was over a reporter said JR told him that he and Shump shared a moment in the locker room with JR telling Shump “We’ve come a long way”.

Once things calmed down a bit, JR jumped on Instagram and made sure the Knicks knew how he is currently feeling. Unless you’re just a hater, you gotta be happy for these two. Check the gallery!