Can you hear me now? I know Verizon representatives are hearing about some litigation loud and clear. A woman is set to sue Verizon for a heart attack.

A Virginian pilot, Angela Hawkins, told her local publication that she called Verizon regarding some late charges of which she was unaware. Representatives claim she threatened to kill everyone and they were going to inform authorities. Hawkins’s attorney says the call was so upsetting, and she was fearful Verizon reps were going to have her arrested. The day after, EKG revealed she suffered a heart attack that landed her in the hospital for several days and underwent surgery. Hawkins says, “he was under the impression that I had threatened to bring a gun to the call center and shoot every employee in the call center. I was just blindsided I mean, my heart sunk. I felt like I was in a whirlwind because what a horrible thing to accuse somebody of.” These companies, in the past, present and future, apply charges people debate all the time. So, it’s quite possible these fees did not pertain to Hawkins. It’s also feasible this issue caused her conniption. I’m sure the call was recorded, so this will get interesting. Has TATWZA ever had a heated exchange with a phone company?


Jeffrey Brooke, Angela Hawkins’s attorney, says “she’s never had anything like this, and all of a sudden he went through this event and she had a heart attack, there’s no question about it. She’s about 4’10”, so when they say she threatened someone, that’s a little bit hard to believe.”

Thus far, there’s no comments from Verizon relating to this woman to sue Verizon for heart attack. She is looking to gain $2 million.