Seems like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and their body guard Julius have been through hell and high water in recent years and we can add another moment to that collection. Jay-Z and his wife were recently spotted in NYC but ironically, Hov was the one doing the guarding? Click more to see the video!

This was pretty funny when I first watched it but it definitely speaks volumes about the relationship that Hov has with his muscle, Julius. If it were not for Julius stopping that elevator at last year’s #Metgala, that entire fight could have went down live instead of from elevator video. For that, I’m sure Hov is forever grateful.

When you have someone around you 24/7 though, I mean it is only right that you end up seeing them as family. While leaving a building in NYC, someone from the crowd apparently did not like how Julius was clearing the way for Hov and his wife so, he decided to push Julius back. LOL! He’s tough for that, I guess. Julius remained professional though and continued to escort B while Hov addressed the situation head on!

Jay-Z Defending His Body Guard…

Hov, approached the sitaution as the mediator and it was even funnier after hearing the heckler claim that Julius “did it first.” Hov legitmitally looked mad though, so its great to see him interact with people in that aspect to let them know that they won’t tolerate disrespect, no matter what their status is. We see you Hov!!


Source: TheShadeRoomInc