Snoop Dogg wants you to do more than follow the BUSH. The west coast emcee is ready for his guest appearance on Nickelodeon cartoon, Sanjay & Craig as Street Dogg.

As a popular rapper – of course – Street Dogg leaves the sunny skies of Los Angeles to move next door to 12-year-old Sanjay and his pet snake Craig. During his stay, Street Dogg decides to work on some new material titled, “On Our Block“.

Hit the jump for a listen to the hot track.

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“Snoop learned the material on the spot — and blew our minds,” says show creator Jim Dirschberger. “He owned the material and expanded on dialog and musical numbers. He’s an excellent actor with a great sense of humor. Best of all, he is a kid at heart.”

Don’t forget to catch the episode of Sanjay & Craig on May 17 at 7:30 p.m. est. Nickelodeon, of course.

Check out the gallery for more shots of “Sanjay & Craig“.

This is not Snopp’s first time in animated color. The “California Roll” rapper guest starred in Turbo as Smooth Move and Grim “Death” Reaper in Hotel Transylvania. What will he do next?