You saved up thousands of dollars for the perfect venue for your post wedding activities, sent out invitations, and begin to let reality settle in that everything is falling into place only to find out that your venue has been cancelled. Not cancelled due to the business closing or even a fire but a football team gets priority. Click more to read the full story!

A couple, Chris Charity and Cecilia Hall, reserved a banquet hall in District Heights, Maryland at the Omni Richmond Hotel and even started paying the hotel thousands of dollars to secure the spot. With the wedding date just 3 months away, the couple received notice from the hotel that they needed to change their wedding date or move the function to another hotel! Imagine that?

The date the pair selected was cancelled by the hotel because the Redskins’ training camp is going to run longer than anticipated. The Omni Richmond Hotel has been the staying location for the Redskins training camp for the past three years and it looks like their loyalty is with them as opposed to the $20,000 that the couple would pay.

With the wedding just 3 months away, the couple has already paid the hotel $11,000 and unfortunately, they are not budging on accomodating them for the planned date. How messed up is that? Although the hotel was not very accommodating, the Redskins did offer the couple free tickets (amount of games not disclosed) as a wedding present. Man that situation is all around bad. Definitely wish them luck with finding a new location.


Source: BlackSportsOnline