This is probably a fight that a lot of people would have paid good money for during the last presidential election. Mitt Romney (R) recently stepped in the ring with the controversial Evander Holyfield. Click more to check out the video.

I don’t really know who this is a worse look for, Evander or Mitt. Lets start with Mitt Romney. The loser of the last presidential election decided to test his luck in the ring for 12 rounds. Couldn’t chop the polls so I suppose he was chopping wood preparing for this fight with Holyfield. Ironically though, he trained with Holyfield before the match.

The fight only last two rounds before Mitt called it quits and threw in the towel. LOL! This guy is becoming a professional at taking Ls in public. Romney, however, did drop Holyfield at one point during the fight, although he was probably paid to do that. Nonetheless, the fight was for a good cause.

The Fight…

The charity boxing match supports an organization called CharityVision where they specialize in providing surgeries to repair blindness. Good to see meaningful charities being represented in a a sport like boxing but lets not let Holyfield off the hook for touching the mat–for a check! LOL!


Source: CNN