Get yourself prepared! A Hawaiian volcano just might explode!

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In Honolulu, on the grounds of Kilauea, a overdue volcano has scientist wondering. This big Volcano might explode. This volcano had a recent mass explosion and the lava is sinking into the ground at nearly 500 ft. Earthquakes have been shaking the volcano at about 20 quakes per hour. This is a really big signal for scientist. The volcano ground is even deforming.

Steven Brantley is in charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, He claimed that the lava was going somewhere. He stated:

“clearly the lava, by dropping out of sight, it has to be going somewhere.”

Brantley also stated that an eruption can break through the surface of the mountain. There has been two eruptions lately on Kilauea. Brantley does not know what the outcome of this explosion could lead to but is taking the necessary safety precautions. If the volcano explosion causes harm to the southwest side of Kilauea then it might be in danger. The area that this explosion might damage is a area that lacks structure and is closed to the public. The earthquake activity has slowed down a little bit but scientist are still watching very carefully.

SOURCE: YahooNews