IFWT Bob Arum

As the founder and CEO of Top Rank promotions, of course Bob Arum told everyone his fighter Manny Pacquiao would win and beat Floyd Mayweather and to put their money on him.  Well some people listened and actually put their money on Pacman.  As you know, he lost.  Now people want their money back and surprisingly Arum paid up.

Bob Arum put his money where his mouth was, giving a paparazzo $100 to apologize for telling the guy to bet on Manny Pacquiao.

Manny’s promoter was leaving Craig’s in West Hollywood this weekend when the photog approached him and reminded him that he told bettors to put their money on PacMan to beat Mayweather.

Arum actually reached in his pocket and personally paid the guy back.

As for the class action lawsuits against Pacquiao, well they won’t be as lucky…

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Source: TMZ Sports