Listen, I adore the Smith family; I really do. Will, Jada … I love how Willow and her brother’s little minds think on a higher plateau – you know, beyond their years. However, I’m curious to know why Jaden Smith wants to be Batman so bad.

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Maybe it is his fascination with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, superheros or just a need to stand out, either way Jaden Smith dressing up on days outside of Halloween are beginning to make my mind wander. Recently, the 16-year-old went to prom with a beautiful young lady, dressed in an all-white catsuit … yes, with the gloves, boots and cape to match. Oh, but wait, while the rest of the ‘fit was something out of an animated series, he did throw on the dress jacket and bow tie.

I guess if you like it, I love it. Still doesn’t make me question it any less. I mean, do you remember when he showed up to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in an all-white [cat][bat]suit? The ‘Albino Batman‘ strikes again.

Check out the gallery for the two’s prom night … outfits.

Jaden and his date – Instagram name, @meccandcheese – was seen off by Tisha Campbell-Martin, who calls herself the auntie of both teens.