Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Marcos Maidana

The so called, “fight of the century,” drastically failed to live up to expectations after Mayweather had his way with Pacquiao and leaving no questions when i came to who won the bout. Although Pacquiao said he believed he won the fight, it was pretty easy to tell he didn’t. Many fans were upset they had to pay 100$ to see such a disappointing fight. Well, Mayweather is making sure fans know he came prepared and if you’re going to put the blame on anyone; it should be Pacquiao.


We all know how boastful Mayweather is, but he makes a great point here. After the fight Pacquaio complained that a shoulder injury was the reason why he couldn’t keep up with Mayweather, leading to lawsuits from fans who were upset with him. Mayweather fought the same way he always does and Pacquiao seemed quite gun-shy, throwing much less punches then he usually does during a fight.

“Everyone wants to say that the fight didn’t live up to expectations. I did what I always do,” the undefeated fighter said recently on SiriusXM’s Shade 45 Radio. “I’m a smart, defensive wizard. I take my time, I pick my shots. And the thing is this: I’ve been around this sport a very long time, I know what I’m doing when I’m inside that squared circle. Everyone put this guy (Pacquiao) on a pedestal.”

“… It’s not my fault that I was able to alleviate anything that he was able to do. Whatever you best attribute is, I take it away from you — disarm you”.

“If people want to be upset, be upset with the guy that couldn’t set the trap for Floyd Mayweather,” he said. “Be upset with the guy that used to throw 1,000 punches but then resorted to throwing 400 punches.”

The self proclaimed, “TBE,” usually receives much of the blame for his unexciting fights, but the defensive wizard has a point when Pacquaio changed his fighting style, from being ultra-agressive, to then picking and choosing his spots to attack Mayweather.