IFWT Bradley Beal

Welp, at least he was honest.  The Washington Wizards were eliminated from the playoffs after a heartbreaking game 6 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.  Now that they’re out, Bradley Beal was asked which team is his pick to win the title.  His answer was hilarious and refreshingly honest.

Via Washington Post reporter Michael Lee:

Bradley Beal on his pick to win NBA title now that are gone: “I hope nobody wins. I’m a sore loser.”

Being a sore loser is frowned upon in sports but you gotta appreciate his passion for the game.  Unfortunately the Wizards were dealing with a one-handed John Wall and Nene who had his skills stolen by the Monstars.  There’s still a lot of hope for this team in the near future as they appear to be closer and closer to being a top contender.

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