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So this story has been circulating and it certainly seems like one of those heartwarming, feel good stories until you get a couple of the facts.  When Daniel Marks was 10 years old, he wrote his favorite NBA player, Jason Kidd, a letter. The letter addressed to Jason “Da Bomb” Kidd was full of unabashed, earnest praise, as only a young, devout fan could dish out. It also included an invitation to his birthday party, naturally.  Kidd couldn’t make it at the time but 14 years later, he showed up to the fan’s birthday party.  But there’s more.

Marks now works as the Basketball Database Manager for the Milwaukee Bucks … a franchise one Jason Kidd happens to coach.  Judging by the photo on the wall in the background, I’m guessing they’re at the Bucks offices and Kidd didn’t have to do much but walk down the hall to attend the “party”.

All that aside, I’m sure Marks was excited to have Kidd attend his party and it’s nice to work for the same organization as your childhood hero.  The whole thing must be a dream come true for him.

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Source: ESPN