Now that the air is clear its okay to say Jay & Bey bailed out protesters in the most recent Baltimore Riots. Although it has been kept a secret for a short amount of time it was more than necessary to announce the good deed. Recently someone questioned about what exactly do The Carters give back to the community , and if they are any way involved in “Black Lives Matter” Keep reading to find out who was the first to fly off the handle and rebuttal that statement.

Dream Hampton , a protest organizer and known author that worked with Jay Z in the past on a book, flew off the handle after hearing the statement. Immediately lashing out on twitter, Hampton went off about the contributions from The Carter family. Stating that she was actually the one who orchestrated the transaction of them donating for quite a good cause. Jay & Bey bailed out protesters during the Baltimore Riot. Sending tens of thousands of dollars. Not realizing that the statement would blow up so quickly a friend of Dream had to show her how her tweet spread like wild fire to other media sites.

One of Hampton’s tweets stated that she didn’t even care if Jay got mad about her letting the cat out the bag. She then later had to remove tweets and admitted she was told to shut up but later confirmed that her rant was true, Jay & Bey bailed out protesters. A lot of people were happy and cheered on our favorite couple but I could see why it was a touchy topic to decide whether or not to go public about. A devil’s advocate kind of twiiter user tweeted “How come they didn’t fund any cop funerals?”

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