Rolling Stone thanks Funk Flex !! Making history yet again as Rolling Stone covers the story behind the legendary “Funk Master Flex Night” drop, with the voice of David Letterman. The last episode of the TV legacy “Late Night With David Letterman” came to an end last week. In Remembering Letterman Rolling Stone pays homage to our great Funk Flex and recognized that thanks to him, the voice of Letterman will be in fact forever imprinted in New York City.

Rolling Stone thanks Funk Flex by pulling up an old Rosie Perez interview from 1993, where Rosie said she was going to “Funk Master Flex Night”. Immediately mocking her David Letterman proceeded to say the famous line “Funk Master Flex Night, Hard to Get a Ticket ”

At the time Flex knew just how big David Letterman was so to have him say his name and be able to use it for a drop was the smartest thing ever done. Not only did it teach DJ’s across the world how to think outside the box when it comes branding and promoting themselves, it was noticed by every one. whether you were into hip hop or soft rock, you knew who David Letterman was and you knew who Funk Master Flex was.

These days DJ’s use I-phone’s voice of Siri to say their DJ name, but none will ever be able to say they had the voice Lettermen say it. A Classic drop that was noticed by the world will continue to ring out every day on Funk Flex’s show . Telling Rolling Stone “For some reason, it became a big deal,” he says. “I guess it was to some kids because Letterman is so not hip-hop. I was so hood…it was like, ‘When did he find time to say Flex’s name?!?”

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