That’s right Stevie Wonder,Snoop & Pharell Movie snippet has been released and it keeps teasing people via Snoops’s Instagram. It was just a month ago when you read about Snoop admitting to be excited about even working with Stevie Wonder, and how him and Pharell planned the song around the iconic artist. Continue to see video spoiler that actually makes you get the feel of a movie trailer.

Also joining Stevie Wonder,Snoop & Pharell in this motion picture of a video to the song “California Roll, Nia Long is also a part of the cast. It reminds me of when we were younger and Michael Jackson would stop television and let the world premiere his newest video like “Do You Remember The Time” with Eddie Murphy. Like that movie / video the trio also want to have an ancient egytpian theme to the video. Mixing it with a little bit of Star Wars as he introduces a Marijuana loving robot Canibus 420 similiar to R2 D2 of Star Wars.

Sitting on Thrones and Flying through space , you can see what looks like they take you for a ride. Eager for the video to be released Snoop won’t stop teasing people by posting video snippets on social media

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