Could it be? Chinx’ death connected to the 2007 death of Stack Bundles? The New York Police Department seem to think so.

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“They were friends, Stack Bundles and Chinx,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce. “They were friends, so we’re looking at all hip-hop angles.”

Rayquan Elliott, better known as Stack Bundles was shot and killed June 11, 2007, while his longtime friend, Chinx served four years in prison for robbery. During a throwback interview with Hot 97, Chinx opened up about the friendship he shared with Stacks, and unfortunately they now share the same fate.

With both deaths being too close of a coincidence in similarities as well as high profile cases, it’s only right that no stone goes unturned as far as investigations go.

Both men were up-and-coming rappers who drove Porsches and had new music about to drop. Both had ties to bigger stars and were killed in early morning hours shortly after they performed locally.

According to Boyce, there was no evidence of a fight at Club Red Wolf in Brooklyn — where Chinx performed a set about 2:30 a.m. — he admits witnesses said, which is why this connection is an option. “Right now, we don’t have anybody not cooperating.” That includes Antar “Yemen Chee$e” Alziadi, the survivor that was in the car with Chinx during the shooting.

After being attacked on social media, Yemen spoke out from his hospital bed:

“All you motherf—— fake-a– motherf—–s that’s hating and talking s— on my f—— page, get the f— out of here with that s—,” he said as he wagged a finger at the camera while sitting in his hospital bed.

The death of Chinx and Stack may be connected, they may not be, but we’ll never know if it is not investigated.