After being down 16 points at one point, Steph Curry and the Warriors fought back to take down the Houston Rockets, 110-106 in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Although Chef Curry was the star on the court after dropping 34 points, his daughter Riley definitely took the show in the post game press conference. Click more to check out the video!

We see baller kids all the time on the podium with their parents while they address the media but only a select few leave a lasting impression on us. We remember Chris Paul and his son hitting the “Blake Face” and stole the crowd, but little Riley is a character in her own right.

The two year old who shows no fear at all, had no trouble with trying to take her daddy’s shine by talking into the mic. That was definitely an adorable moment to say the least. Clearly getting in the way of him addressing the media, Steph lets her do her own thing where she starts playing a game of hide and seek with the media. LOL! Steph might have a little star in the making if she doesn’t take over the WNBA with a sick shot like her pops.

The Press Conference…

It is very clear who runs the Curry household and how could she not? Take one look at her little face and I bet Steph and his family just lets her do whatever she wants. She gained a lot of fame from last night’s press conference, so I can imagine that Steph lets her make another appearance.


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