The media is now covering more stories that surrounding police violence against black men but what a about black women that have to face the same brutality? The movement has been started as an effort to recognize that black women face the same injustices by the hands of police as black men and to make sure that the police reform is addressed fully. Click more to read the full story!

While the stories surrounding Freddie Gray and Michael brown are important, they sometimes overshadow stories like Shelly Frey and Kayla Moore. These are just two of the many women that have suffered the same injustices as Gray and Brown but their stories did not gain national attention. The #SayHerName movement is in place to bring awareness to these tragic stories as well.

The killing of black people is not just limited to men, but women have been targets in recent years as well. Recently, the families of several black women that were murdered by police joined forces in NYC to rally and bring more awareness to the forgotten women that have lost their lives at the hands of police.

The associate director of the African American Policy Forum, Rachel Gilmer, Reform spoke on the movement saying, “When we wear the hoodie, we know that we’re embodying Trayvon. When we hold our hands up, we know we’re doing what Mike Brown did in the moments before he was killed…We haven’t been able to do the same thing for black women and girls. We haven’t carried their stories in the same way.” Gilmer definitely makes a great point. If we want to truly change policing in the country, then it cannot be a one sided story; it has to be one that shows how all black people are being affected by police brutality.


Source: Huffington Post