Just a couple of months ago, Lil Durk’s long time manager OTF Chino was fatally shot in Chicago. According To Lil Durk himself, Durk was just on the phone with OTF Chino 10 minutes before he was killed. Hop into the post for all the details and the full interview. #IFWT!!

During an interview with VladTV Chicago Drill rapper Lil Durk spoke out about his recent loss of his Manager and close friend OTF Chino. A sad day in Chicago it was, OTF Chino was fatally shot multiple times and killed.

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When Lil Durk was asked about the details leading up to the shooting of OTF Chino, Durk said that he was FaceTiming with Chino about redoing his song “Why Me” off his Remember My Name album and minutes later Lil durk got the phone call that his manager had been fatally shot. Lil Durk said that he was devastated over his loss and said that there are so many killings in Chicago that the killer is harder to find. The Killer may not ever be found Lil Durk said.

Lil Durk goes into more details about how OTF Chino was apart of his life, how he came up with the title od his song “500 Homicides” and more! Check out the full interview below! #IFWT