_Teenager Will Graduate High School With 8 College Degrees

A teenager from high school will graduate with 8 college degrees. Check out the video and read more on the inspiring story after the jump!

16-year-old Joshua Chari will graduate from Berkner High School and receive gubernatorial honors for completing much of his undergraduate studies and earning 8 associate degrees. Chari attended Richland College and he studied various types of engineering from biomedical to telecommunications. He was apart of a dual credit program at Richardson Independent School District where students can receive credit for both high school and college at the same time.

An agreement between the college and Richardson school district allowed him an opportunity to earn credit for high school and also for college. Elizabeth Swaner, principal of Berkner’s STEM Academy said, that it really allowed time for him to get his college credits out of the way and him to earn the associate degrees. He also earned a full scholarship to The University of Texas at Dallas and he hopes to become a biomechanical engineer one day. Joshua’s brother, Jonathan, also graduated high school and earned multiple associate degrees. He also held two patents at age 19.

Chari said, “I really knew that … the engineering field was what I wanted to be going into because the projects and stuff that I did from a young age, I knew that I wanted to be an engineer,” he said. “Education is just a small piece of all the stuff that I have learned. It’s just kind of the foundation…A lot of it is actually the work experience and getting familiar with the industry and stuff like that…You can learn all the time and you might not remember it…But once you apply the knowledge that you have gained it kind of sticks with you forever.”

Check out the video of Joshua Chari below!

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