Lil B surprises everyone yet again! Lil B plans to hold another lecture at a University!

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

After making stops at notorious colleges such as Carnegie Mellon and MIT, Lil B is surprising everyone with another inspirational lecture. The popularized rapper has a large fan base with constantly growing fans. Lil B uses his platform to spread love, encouragement and good vibes.

When Lil B spoke at MIT, he was extremely transparent and walked in with a blazer and nothing under. Lil B displayed his chest and tattos to college elites.This rapper seriously gives no f***ks. That’s how it should be. To add to this, social media boomed with positive reactions to his appearance.

So, Lil B will be lecturing at UCLA everyone. It’s not open to the public so don’t start booking flights. Hopefully some media personalities could be in attendance and definitely record and spread his message. Lil B keeps getting better with his public speaking skills and continues to inspire.

Lil B is among a few rappers who have actually spoke at Universities and that is rare. We fully understand why Lil B has the fan base he has. Lil B get’s better and better with time and holds a spot as one of the most influential people.