Similar to New York City, California has its share of craziness that occurs each day on the calendar. I’m from both locations, so believe me! Yesterday, no different! A man lead Los Angeles police on a bizarre slow-speed chase in Southern California, specifically San Fernando Valley.

Police began following a black Ford Mustang with a sign that read, “Victory Parade,” hung on the side of the driver’s side door in Reseda shortly before 6 p.m. The chase continued into Tarzana and Encino.

Aaron Levy, of Northridge, throughout this slow-speed chase in Southern California, waved to bystanders, fist pumped and flashed a peace sign. He even, at one point, drove on the wrong side of the road.


A bystander walked in front of the slow-moving car at about 6:50 p.m. Levy then stopped in front of him, put his hands in the air and exited. The bystander then pushed Levy onto the hood of a police cruiser, before police detained both men.

The bystander who grabbed Levy was detained for a parole violation warrant and later released. Levy was booked for evading police.