An 11-Year-Old ! An 11-Year-Old surpasses most people in the 2015 graduating class! Sorry to humble new graduates that feel entitled to cockiness but a elementary kid is now your competition!

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

Most graduates have been saying long monologues about conquering academic struggles. It has been a long and rigorous four years for the 2015 graduating class. And so? Tanishq Abraham of Sacramento, California just graduated with not one but three degrees. Abraham is only a pee wee little boy but has the academic intelligence of a well advanced Einstein.

Abraham graduated from American River City College wth degrees in math, psychical science and foreign language! Ya’ll thought you were doing something? Abraham is obviously a bright child and graduated high school at the age of ten. Abraham started learning at a high IQ society at the age of four. This elite group only takes students who are in the 98 percentile of a standardized test.

We want the water that Abraham been drinking for real. Abraham plans to continue his journey by going to Stanford University. Of course, he is going to be a doctor and medical researcher. Abraham also wants to join POTUS. The future is really in the hands of our youth. Hopefully Abraham will lend us helping hands in a couple of years !