It’s no surprise that like most first time parents Wiz Khalifa has a brand new understanding and appreciation for his own mother. In a recent interview Wiz dished on all the things that he learned from his mother that he’s sharing with his now two year-old son Sebastian.

The rapper who’s going on tour with Fall Out Boy this summer says he’s passing on “pretty much everything” that he learned from his mom Peachie Wimbush to his son Sebastian whom he shares with his ex-wife Amber Rose.

“All the simple stuff, you know, like using his manners and getting potty-trained,” says Khalifa, “He’s a good boy, though. He uses big words and explains everything!”

Wiz talked about how he now understands all the things he put her through as a child. He said, “When stuff happens, I’m like, ‘Oh man, this was definitely me,’ ” he added, “This is what my mom was going through.”

The only thing Wiz is not planning on passing down is his love for tattoos. The rapper who seems to have no room left on his body for any more ink says he does not want his son to follow in his footsteps there.

“I look at him and how handsome he is, and I would just die if he got tattoos like me,” he added, “Please do not — just listen to me — do not touch your skin!”

Awww! Click the gallery to see more adorable photos of Wiz and baby Bash.

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