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If you follow JR Smith on social media then you probably saw him taking shots at his previous team, the New York Knicks, for trading him and Iman Shumpert to Cleveland. Phil Jackson took to Twitter and addresses JR and his recent posts. Click more to check out the tweets!

In recent weeks, JR Smith was seen on Twitter and Instagram taking some shots at his old squad back in New York. In a post, Smith agreed with a meme that depicted “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and in the picture, it showed both him and Iman in their old Knicks attire and then it showed them smiling happily in their new Cavs attire.

JR’s caption on his post was, “couldn’t have said it better myself @i_am_iman,” and it seems that he was saying that their talent was not appreciated in New York. That move from New York to Cleveland was definitely a move that changed his life because, now more than ever, JR and Iman have an opportunity to actually go to the NBA Finals and come out victorious.

Phil Jackson took to Twitter to address the comments that JR made and he expressed that the Knicks organization is happy for ex-Knicks players that are currently in the playoffs. Phil Jackson tweeted, “…we are glad for JR, Shump, Pablo, etc…players have comfort zones that they need to play their best…we want them to find that in NBA.” It definitely seems that he was saying JR and Iman were not good fits in New York and they had to let them go. I guess with Phil’s plan of the triangle being initiated into play, their roles would not let that system flourish?

The Knicks recently received the 4th overall pick in the NBA draft and were not satisfied with that pick. They finished this past season with 17 total wins out of 82 so it seems that the intentional tanking was for nothing at all. That Knicks curse just won’t give up. I’m definitely interested to see how Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, Derek Fisher, and the entire Knicks organization bounces back from such an upsetting year.


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