Fetty Wap x Alexis Sky

Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky debuted their relationship situationship on Instagram a few weeks back, and have spent the weekends together since, with Alexis and her best friend traveling to meet up with Fetty during his weekend shows. The pair were most recently together in Miami last weekend.

Alexis has shared a few photos and videos with her boo on Instagram, with captions like, “What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained yeah that’s all me,” and, “I act a fool when it comes to you baby.” On his end, Fetty has posted a video sitting next to (but not actually acknowledging) Alexis on his page. However, despite the lack of acknowledgement, him posting her was enough confirmation.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

It was all interesting to begin with, as Fetty had a longtime girlfriend back home named Yaya, and many weren’t sure as to how she was fitting in the picture…since they were JUST together as well. (This is not the mother of Fetty’s son, as he was born before dating Yaya. However, she’s also not the mother of Fetty’s recently-born daughter…who must have been conceived during a “break.” You know how that sh*t go…)

Welp, just as quickly as it started…it appears it’s possibly over. Since her Miami trip last week, Alexis has been posting (and deleting) memes about how it sucks people would do something to you that you’d never do to them, and captioning her photos with things like, “A lot on my mind .. My niece always makes me feel better.” She’s also removed the “1738” and heart emoji from her bio.

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