The Chicago Bears were torn on the decision of whether or not they should pick up lineman Ray McDonald after he was involved in a prior domestic violence situation but they took a chance and signed him in late March for a one year deal. Unfortunately, McDonald was involved in another domestic violence incident that resulted in him getting arrested and the bears have decided to part ways. Click more to read the full story!

The Chicago Bears GM commented on the situation regarding their lineman Ray McDonald and made it clear that there were expectations of McDonlad and if he compromised that, then he would have to go. Only signed in March and has not touched the turf in a Bears uniform, the Bears front office has cut McDonald.

McDonald was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment on Monday. His contract with the bears was for $1,037,500 but the organization will now save that money. SMH. From McDonald’s perspective, it is definitely unfortunate that NFL contracts are not guaranteed. The Bears GM, Ryan Pace, said, “We believe in 2nd chances, but when we signed Ray we were very clear what our expectations were if he was to remain a bear…He was not able to meet the standard and the decision was made to release him,” and the organization definitely stuck to their guns.

With so many players getting in trouble for domestic violence, the league is taking a firm stance on not tolerating that behavior, especially after they were heavily criticized for sweeping so many of these cases under the rug. It seems that the Bears do not want anyone to think this is activity that they are supportive of and ultimately the right decision was made.

The Bears took a risk with signing McDonald and they are probably going to be held under the fire for even giving him a second chance in the first place.


Source: Bleacher Report