_Woman Sprays Boy In The Face
IDK if this just in Chicago, or something that will become the ‘It’ thing, like pop up shops, but they showed us how to do it, A Full Party Set Up On A Train, DJ and all….where did they get power from?

Tat Wza

Could this turn into a thing, can they consistently pull this off? I mean there’s n way the city(whatever city) is NOT going to be good with this, I mean that means no seats in that car for any regular passengers, which would result in less money for the transit, not a lot but still, most transit systems are greedy AF.

Also, how would ‘promoters’ get any real money off of this? I mean the ‘party-goers’ have to pay train fair, then how can they tell anyone not to get on the train? Speaking of which, what about security….I mean there are less chances of someone leaving then coming back, but if ‘passengers’ are not searched they may already have something on them, and how would they get searched??? That’s it, too many questions, this couldn’t be a wave right, this is a one off, but looks like they had fun doing it!!!!