GoFundMe was a great and simple way for people to raise money for worthy causes like cancer treatments and homelessness but now it’s taken a turn for the worst.  People started raising money for crazy stuff like financing Vegas trips and other ludicrous, unnecessary things.  The latest craze seems to be raising money for sports teams and players.  Recently, New England Patriots fans set up a GoFundMe to raise $1 million to pay the fine from the DeflateGate investigation.  Last time I checked they raised over $16,000!  Now their Super Bowl opponents are trying to use the service as well.

Seahawks fans set up a GoFundMe to keep quarterback Russell Wilson in Seattle.  Wilson is due for a new contract and fans decided to raise $5 million to pay Wilson as a sponsor and alleviate $5 million off the Seahawks salary cap so they can acquire more talent.

According to the campaign, they will only give Wilson the check if he re-signs with the Seahawks.  If Wilson does not accept the check then the money will go to one of his favorite causes — The Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Additionally, and not limited to, funds may be used to design and execute a token of appreciation to Russell Wilson for his current and/or future patricipation in the Seahawks organization.

Fans were urged to donate $12 each to represent the Seahawks signature “12th” fan moniker.

I get the fan support but people are crazy donating that much money to these “causes”.  Chances are the organization or player will never accept it or even be offered the money.  Oh and about the Children’s Hospital donation?  The campaign manager said only a portion of the money will go there and he was sure to include “all donated funds are to be used at the sole discretion of the campaign manger and subject to unforseen limitations”, which means he can do whatever he wants with the money…

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