It’s all sunshine and rainbows until … BOOM!!!! … You get hit with shimmery colors of all kind, by a weirdo in a clown suit. J. Lo gets glitter-bombed, and while we’re sure she was pissed; it was actually funny to us.

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JaaiR (JR)

J. Lo thought that she was just going to walk through LAX with her new hairstyle and everything would be good … NOT! Richard Price or the more popular, Richie the Barber; a barber obviously, but more importantly a prankster who in 2014 glitter-bombed Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Oh, Richie bombed them so bad that they filed battery charges against the fooling funny man.

According to the Daily Mail, Richie is “a fame-hungry 29-year-old who works at Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles”. While he’s been banned from many places and continues to go to court for charges filed on him; he remains free and unharmed – for now. LOL!

J. Lo gets glitter-bombed, and you can see the colorful splash in the gallery above.

I thought this was actually funny. I mean, nothing got in her eyes, and you could not even tell that the glitter was not a part of the crop top sweater and blue jeans that the 45-year-old talent was wearing.