IFWT_Cavs cook 1

On Tuesday night the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated sweeping the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals and moving on to the NBA Finals.  J.R. Smith posted a video on his Instagram account of him, LeBron James, Iman Shumpert, Kyrie Irving and Kendrick Perkins in a hot tub, drinking champagne and dancing to Chedda Da Connect’s song “Flicka Da Wrist”.  They also did the “cooking dance” that’s now associated with the song.  If you didn’t already know (although I’m sure the world knows by now), the cooking dance was created by rapper Lil B and he’s been making sure everyone gives him his proper credit.

Lil B put the “Based God curse” on Houston Rockets star James Harden, who made the cooking dance his celebratory signature without giving Lil B credit.

Now that the video is out with LeBron & co doing the dance, Lil B sent out a “warning” to them as well.

Sidenote: Last night when the video was first posted, Lil B shouted them out in good way.  Today he decided to send a curse warning.  Obviously Lil B sees how much attention this curse stuff is bringing him so he’s milking it as much as he can.

It did get him seats right behind the Rockets bench for game 5 tonight to support the Warriors so I guess it’s working for him.

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