So, Young Thug sat down with No Days Off radio for nothing short of a … very unique interview. The “Spaghetti Factory” rapper talks upcoming collaborations with his fianceé Jerrika Karlae, distancing himself from Rich Gang – because he was never signed in the first place – and his upcoming projects, which include another mixtape before his album drops.

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JaaiR (JR)

With music blaring in the background, Thugger sat side-by-side with his son and fiancee as the two recalled how their relationship began, and what has bloomed since. Jerrika, the “entrepreneur” says that she’s (kinda sorta maybe) working on a swimsuit line, but it does not come out until June. While that is on its way to blossoming, Young Thug adds that they are going to be working on some swimwear designs for men as well as “make-up for men”. The ha-ha of it is, it just may sell.

Aside from cosmetics, the Atlanta native spoke music. He’s hoping to put out another mixtape before his album, with the mixtape hopefully being it’s original name; Carter V.

“I’m gonna drop one more mixtape before my album. The album is called Hy! £UN35 (HiTunes),” said Thug. “I’m gonna drop one more mixtape. I’ll probably name it Carter V, because the original Carter V still ain’t came out. I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing – slow poking. So I’m gonna put that motherfucker out for him.”

Decked out in a Hooters tank top, he also details his management, who is NOT Rich Gang.

Nah, I manage myself,” Thugger told NGO radio when asked if he had a deal with Rich Gang. “Nobody brought me here, so nobody can take me there. I manage myself. I’m signed with Atlantic. I have a big special deal with Atlantic … and it’s only Atlantic.”

Well, if you say so. Do you, but I don’t think that Carter V is going to happen … not under the name; Carter V.

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