Lil B is at it again! Lil B has sent warnings to Kevin Durant and his former teammate James Harden, that were ignored by the two superstars and seemed to face some misfortunes afterwards. Well, after he sent one to the Cavs, it looks like Iman Shumpert wasn’t taking any chances after the Cav’s made the finals last night.


After the Cavaliers finished off the Atlanta Hawk’s to win the eastern conference championship, J.r. Smith posted a video to instagram of him Lebron, Kyrie and Shumpert celebrating while doing Lil B’s cooking dance.

Looks like Lil B didn’t appreciate that and decided to curse them, the same way he cursed James Harden.

Shumpert made sure to give a shoutout to Lil B on twitter for passing on the swag.

Check out the pics in the gallery: