Odd Future Camp Flog Knaw carnival

Did Tyler The Creator just announce that Odd Future is breaking up once and for all? Hop into the post and tell us what you think. #IFWT!!!!!!

So tonight (May 27th) Tyler the Creator took to twitter to share some of his latest troubled emotions towards the history on Odd Future with his fans. While Tyler The Creator is usually in good spirits or a highly energetic fun comical type of personality on social media , in this recent series of tweets he appears to be a little saddened for some reason.

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Tyler the creator then reminisced about his old days hanging with Odd future, laughing at pictures of all there past adventures. Howver Tyler the creator also stated that it was sad thing couldn’t go back to the way they used to be.

Tyler The Creator tweeted out: “although its no more, those 7 letters are forever,”

Is this the end of OFWGKTA or will we see the members come together atleast one last time? Ot is Tyler just trolling like he always does. We wont know until he tells us so only time will really tell.

Check out Tyler’s series of tweets where he is reminiscing over the groups past up in the gallery! #IFWT!!