Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap shot to superstardom in the last few months, thanks to the success of his breakout single, “Trap Queen.” The New Jersey native has proven he’s more than a one hit wonder as he continues to drop anthem after anthem (just ask LeBron or Drizzy!), but just as much as he’s known for his catchy music – he’s known for his not-so-traditional look too. One eye and fake dreads? Not exactly what one would think “works” in entertainment – but it does!

However, before the fame came this past year, Fetty was rocking his prosthetic eye back home in Paterson, as well as a low cut at one point and braids at another. Pretty dope to see how much his style has evolved! Check out his back-in-the-day pics in the gallery! Squuuuad!

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