Demi Lovato’s Bi Polar disorder goes public as she openly speaks on it and announcing that she is in fact working on her fifth album. Demi showed up on the Today show and had a sit down talk with Savannah Gurthrie going into detail about fighting addiction and her Bi Polar disorder. Thanking her fans for their constant support and owning up to her faults. Lovato spoke on her partnership with the Be Vocal : Speak up for mental health campaign and admitted she had a mental illness.

Demi Lovato’s bi polar disorder played a major role with the way she handled things. She said it is a chemical imbalance of the brain that causes certain addictions and behaviors. Demi is eager to let the world know that it takes your own will power and a strong team to keep your mental behavior in check. At only 22 years old she reached 3 years sober now in 2015.

2010 is when Demi Lovato first decided to try and seek treatment. Admitting that some days are harder than others it is a constant battle of the mind to stay sober and to fight certain behaviors. Taking 2 years to reach a point where it was controllable. Demi Lovato’s bi polar disorder was a wake up call and she wants to spread the word to others like herself who have to cope with it. Advising to always second guess yourself before making a bad decision and envisioning the consequences.

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