_IFWT_A Mob Burns Teenage Girl Alive In Guatemala

A mob in Guatemala starts an outrage after they burned and beat a young 16 year old girl alive after accusing her of killing a taxi driver. Read more on the story and check out the horrific and graphic video below!

In the video a large crowd stands by the young girl as they beat her for her alleged involvement in the killing of a taxi driver and someone shouted “Add gasoline” and soon after her body engulfed in flames. This year alone there have been more than 20 similar mob burnings in the country, according to Mario Polanco of Guatemala’s Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo human rights organization. Polanco said, “It is unfortunate these types of situations occur.” According to the United Nations, Guatemala is one of the world’s most violent countries and convictions are achieved in only about 6% of all criminal cases. Nearly every murder in Guatemala goes unsolved.

Men and women slam and kick her to the ground then someone sets her on fire. Some residents said that the teenager in the video and two men robbed and shot dead a taxi driver. One of the two men who is believed to have killed the man escaped the crime scene but the group of residents captured the young girl and attacked her.

People who posted on an article about the incident said, “They are just as much murderers as those who killed the taxi driver…May God pardon them. She was almost a girl. It hurts me to see that there was not even one good soul who helped this girl. Remember that we will all be measured by the same bar.” Another post said, “Let’s see if all of you who are speaking out here would have defended this girl if she’d killed your son, mother, father or grandfather.”

Check out the video of the horrific incident below!

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