Oh Boy! Jay Z, Beyoncé and Tidal have been receiving backlash since they made their big announcement about the music streaming service. Even with all of the heat, Jay continues to issue reassurance. However, earlier this week, he and wife Beyoncé made a visit to the Tidal office in Norway, where they took a group picture of the support staff. The all non-Black support staff.

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The photo made it’s rounds with people wondering why Jay didn’t hire any Black employees. “Jay-Z released a whole freestyle about how black people don’t support each other but look at his Tidal staff,” @JayJazzi tweeted. Jay had just spoken out about the support of Black business owners, and then goes on to hire an all-white staff? Could it be that there are about 1.5% Black people in Oslo, Nowray? No, that is not the case.

According to Tidal executives, Jay Z isn’t the majority owner. Vania Schlogel, Tidal’s chief investment officer, stated that Jay Z owns a small percentage of the company. Schlogel spoke out to the Wall Street Journal on Jay’s ownership.

“The artist owners felt very passionately about the mission upon which Tidal is founded, and so the artists are equal owners in the company,” said Schlogel. “Jay’s capital that has gone in is at very—I would term it— below market interest rate to support the company.”