Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, the tour manager of Young Thug, became a wanted man after shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus for status in a local blood gang.

Tuesday morning, Winfrey walked into a Cobb County, Georgia police department for a warrant that was issued. According to TMZ, Winfrey was wanted for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon, and criminal gang activity. He is now in police custody.

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Just a month back, there was a incident in Atlanta Georgia where Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up right outside of a club he was performing at. It looks like they found the shooter and found out why he shot up the Tour Bus in the first place. According to Police sources it was gang related. Hop into the post for all the photos and details! #IFWT

There has been a warrant issued around last week for Jimmy Carlton Winfrey of Atlanta, Georgia. Jimmy Carlton Winfrey is who police say fired multiple shots into two of Lil Wayne’s tour buses on April 26 as they were leaving an Atlanta venue after a show. Oh and did I mention that Jimmy Carlton Winfrey is Lil Wayne’s tour manager? Nobody was injured what so ever thankfully and its unclear if Lil Wayne was even on the bus when it all went down, but you thought wrong if you thought this armed black guy was just going to get away with shooting at an unarmed black guy in the middle of the south, that would just be absurd…(Shade but not Shade.)

IT was also pretty suspicious that Young thug was booed off stage in Lil Wayne’s home town of Louisiana just days before, then once Lil Wayne performs in Atlanta (the home of Young Thug) his tour buses were shot up.


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the 25 year old and tour manager is being charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct and discharging a weapon near the street.He still has yet to be detained.

Here is what police sources had to say :

“Said accused did commit said act in order to gain status in his criminal organization by a committing a high profile shooting of a rival rap artist,” the warrant states. “Said accused has associated himself with known blood gang members in the Atlanta area.”

Lil Wayne had been frequently associated with the Bloods, although is not very open to speak about his gang affiliation outside of the music. Atlanta resident Young Thug, who was being with Lil Wayne at the time has made his blood affiliation slightly more clear.

Hop into the gallery for pics of the shot up van &  pics of the shooter (Young Thugs Tour Manager) #IFWT