We know that Beyonce is a partial owner of the streaming service Tidal, so, naturally her music catalogue would be available for subscribers. That could all be changing as Tidal finds themselves negotiating with Sony–who threatens to pull Beyonce’s entire catalogue from the service. Click more to read the full story!

How crazy would you feel if your hard work could not be showcased in your own home because you don’t fully own all of its rights? Well, Beyonce and other artist alike could very well face that reality. Sony currently owns the licensing rights to Beyonce’s catalogue, as well as other artists, and they are looking to strike a deal with the streaming service.

Sony is looking for an agreement with the service that will ensure them some financial gain and if terms are not met, then a lot of music will be pulled. Things seem to keep getting worse for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new venture as it is losing popularity and does not seem to be much of a threat to already existing streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. It has been said that though Tidal has gained close to a million subscribers, those numbers could change once the trial run is over.

I imagine that a deal will be met because losing such a valuable asset like Beyonce’s catalogue would definitely be a huge hit to service. Warner is another company that has huge owner ship over licensing rights to various artist’s music; however, it seems that a deal is close to be agreed on by the parties and this is a good indication that Sony will get what it wants out from Tidal as well.

Where will this leave Tidal in the future?