As much as we hate to say it , we all know Safaree as the ex boyfriend of Nicki Minaj. Since the recent split Safaree has made sure that he is seen and heard more and more in the media as the days go by. Parading around taking credit for the rise of the #1 female rapper in the game , Nicki Minaj and promoting himself as an upcoming rapper himself. Safaree was Spotted recently wearing a Nicki Minaj shirt with the vine star C LO in NYC. Check the gallery for Safaree hanging in nyc with the Nicki Minaj shirt.

No worries, now that he’s feeling himself it look’s like Safaree is thirsty for Rhianna too! After taking a instagram video announcing that the “rapper” Safaree was about to embark one of the biggest meetings of his upcoming career and referring to himself as The Stunt man.Well, he sure stunted alright! Safaree then uploads a picture of himself with a caption stating ” Shorty Swing my way .. & tagged Rhianna! The Safaree thirsty tagg was noticed a.s.a.p and once it was re-posted & by other instagram users he immediately un-tagged Rhianna.

I will give credit and say he has found a way to build a fan base and promote his music without a record label or a radio play. Is there a chance he will ever be played on the radio ? or is he playing himself by being thirsty and trying to tell Rhianna “shorty swing my way”. We all know Nicki minaj is happy with hubby Meek Mill so maybe its safe to assume Safaree wearing a Nicki shirt was a way to make peace and look at her as an artist not an ex girlfriend. Watch out Rhianna , he’s coming for you .

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