What was a high school teacher doing besides teaching social studies?.. She was showing of her new boob job to her students!


Yes.. It is sad but true. a high school teacher was so in love with her new boobs that she showed them off to her students. Officials stated that this fact was indeed true. Melissa Kidd of Woodside High School in Virginia, showed her titties to not one but three students.

Police say two of the three kids were minors. Melissa showed the graphic picture from her Iphone. this wasn’t the everyday activities of a thot, Melissa is like a teacher and this incident happened on school grounds. A.J Cupp, a detective, stated that one of the minors reported the incident. The minor reported that he was shown nude pictures of breast and genital areas.

Kidd was placed on an unpaid leave from the school system. later Kidd eventually resigned and doesn’t work for that school system anymore. Kidd is under extreme surveillance currently. This is crazy but not suprising. Not saying that you can’t be a thot but have some respect for minors in your class and education.

Kidd got the appropriate punishment for committing this disturbance.