I guess Riley Cooper would know how to spot a racist when he sees one, right? Riley Cooper was heard using the N-Word a few years back at a concert and he decided to weigh-in on the controversy that LeSean McCoy started surrounding his old coach, Chip Kelly. Click more to check out the full story!

After many questioned the moves that Chip Kelly was making in getting rid of star quality players from his roster, LeSean McCoy came out and said Chip Kelly was a racist. Those headlines have been sworming for a while now and Kelly recently answered some questions surrounding the allegations made against him. In short, Kelly obviously said he is not a racist and that when he wanted to talk to McCoy about the issue, McCoy declined to answer or return his calls.

Recently, Riley Cooper chimed in on the subject and he insisted that Kelly is not a racist. Cooper was heard saying, “It’s definitely difficult and upsetting for sure. I know [Kelly is] not like that,” and I guess he would know. LOL! Maybe I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt but so what; the proof is in the pudding about how he feels about black people.

Cooper should have declined to answer that question or at least not add any extras to his statement on how he felt about McCoy’s allegations. This should be one of the subjects he knows to steer clear of. Sports being one of the forces that joins races and people from different backgrounds, just seems like Cooper was the wrong person to ask about this particular subject.


Source: NBC Sports